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About us - and the idea

The Coin Pusher 365 has been developed by Coin Pusher enthusiasts and arcade game experts. Since all fairground and arcade halls were closed during the Corona pandemic in 2020, we couldn’t play on Coin Pushers anymore. We looked for second hand machines online, but there are barely any. The professional machines are too big and heavy to have at home and costs thousands of Euro’s. 

The idea was born to create a tabletop model for household use. We partnered with a company with extensive experience in arcade game machines and we got the creative flow going. We wanted to incorporate as many of the elements found in professional machines, without the high-maintenance needs. The design needed to be alike as well and of course we needed quality metal coins.

And then it began…

First sketches!


We started drawing, building and searching for existing parts to use. But we came to the conclusion we would have to make everything from scratch, have every part custom made, to be able to make it perfect. It took over a year of planning and designing, testing each custom part and create multiple prototypes. We spent hundreds of hours playing (I mean testing) and we’re stil mesmerized by the sweet sound of the coins falling down the coin maze. After more than 365 days in development, we finished a Coin Pusher you can enjoy at home, 365 days a year. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

A little more about us: The Coin Pusher 365 is developed by Arcadro, based in The Netherlands. It started as a hobby project by 2 E-commerce guys with a love for arcades and coin pushers. We’ve developed the Coin Pusher 365 as the first home-use coin pusher and it’s spreading over the world.

With over 15 years of E-commerce experience and service & customer support as top priority, we’re sure you’ll be our next happy customer.

Read over 60 authentic customer reviews about our coin pusher machine on our store.

If you have any questions about the Coin Pusher 365, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome user feedback and we hope you can share a photo or 2 of your Coin Pusher 365 at home!