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Through our website, privacy-sensitive information or personal data is processed. Bubble Up B.V. considers the careful handling of personal data of great importance. All registered personal data shall therefore be carefully processed and secured by us.

Bubble Up B.V. is the party responsible for the processing of personal data on this website. In this privacy policy we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to read it carefully.

This privacy policy was last amended on 20-05-2021., part of Bubble Up B.V. (hereinafter ‘Bubble Up B.V.’) processes user data for the purpose of monitoring and optimizing the website, processing orders and serving personalized advertisements. In this process, use is made of a cookie and ip address registration. Personal data such as NAWE are registered in order to process an order.

If you no longer wish to see personalized content and/or advertisements, you can delete all information used for this purpose by deleting the stored cookie.

When processing personal data, we adhere to the requirements of the Privacy Act. This includes:

  •  In this privacy policy we state what personal data we process and for what purpose.
  • The collection of personal data is limited to that which is necessary for legitimate purposes.
  • In the event that your consent is required for the collection of personal data, we will ask your permission for the processing.
  • In order to protect your personal data we take security measures.
  • You can request to see and remove your personal data if we have processed them.

Registration of personal data

When you visit our website, we automatically register certain data about you. This may include personal data. At all times we only register and use the personal data necessary to analyze and optimize the website and marketing channels and only after your consent, to the extent consent is legally required.

For the processing of orders, we only register the data necessary to register payment, provide information via e-mail and deliver and invoice your order to the correct address.

We use the following data for the purposes stated in this privacy policy:

  • IP address
  • User behavior
  • Name and address information
  • Payment details
  • E-mail address

Purposes of cookies

  • Analyzing and optimizing website. Through a cookie we register your website visit and various actions on the website. In order to process your order correctly, we use your name and address.
  • Marketing (if permission is granted)
  • We like to show you personalized and therefore relevant content or ads, on this website or those of third parties. For this purpose we may use your personal data and website behavior. If legally necessary, this data will only be used if you have given us permission to do so.


We may, upon your consent, inform you of Bubble Up B.V. promotions, offers and campaigns on third-party websites and through email marketing.

Newsletter and contact

On our website we offer the possibility to ask questions by e-mail, among other things. We do not require any personal information from you other than an e-mail address. The information you do send us is kept carefully and only for as long as is necessary for a complete answer/processing of your question.

Through an optional newsletter subscription we want to inform you about our products, partners or services. Each newsletter contains a link that allows you to easily unsubscribe.


We will not publish your visit or personal data.

Provision to third parties

We only share usage data with third parties for advertising and analysis purposes and only for use in connection with our website. Where necessary, a processor’s agreement between Bubble Up B.V. and the partner guarantees that all parties handle personal details correctly.


On a first visit to our website a notice is shown explaining that we use cookies and why. Bubble Up B.V. makes use of 1st and 3rd party cookies. Viewing a subsequent page or a subsequent visit to our website is regarded as consenting to the use of cookies.

Through your internet browser you can disable or remove cookies. It is possible that our website will display less relevant content or will not function optimally in some other way.

External parties that place cookies have their own privacy policies. Because these can change and we do not have full control over their use, we refer you to their privacy policy if you want more information about this.

For more information about our cookies, please refer to our cookie policy.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor the use of our website by visitors. We have concluded an agreement with Google on how we handle our data. We do not allow Google to use the data for other Google services and all IP addresses are anonymized.


Bubble Up B.V. has security measures in place to limit abuse of and unauthorized access to personal data.

Storage periods

The personal data described above shall be kept for as long as the cookie period applies or, in the case of an order, for the legal retention period.

Third party websites

This privacy policy does not apply to third party websites. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites before making further use of this website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Bubble Up B.V. reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. The latest date of change can always be found on this page.

Access and deletion of your data

For questions about your personal data, the deletion of your personal data, or for questions about our privacy policy, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this privacy policy.

If you no longer wish to see personalized content and/or advertisements, by deleting the stored cookie you can remove all information used for that purpose.

Personal Data Authority

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data we would like to hear it. Under the privacy legislation, you also have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority against this processing of personal data. You can contact the Personal Data Authority for this purpose.

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