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Coin Pusher 365 – Table top coin game

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Coin Pusher 365

Be the first to get this unique new model. It’s the first professional-grade coin pusher for household use.
In this tabletop version of the coin pusher you’ll find many of the features the professional machines at the fairground have to offer.

  • 3 chutes and a maze wall guide the coins to the pushing pad.
  • The coins have to make their way from the pushing pad to the playing field below.
  • Beware of the hidden holes on the side of the field – Coins disappear!
  • The edges of the pushing pad and playing field are slightly tilted to make it harder for the coins to fall down.
  • Neon-style signing and a LED light bar inside the coin pusher.

The size of the machine is ~70 cm (H) x 38 cm (W) x 45 cm (D).

The front panel can be opened with a key to place coins and prices in the Coin Pusher 365. The back panel can be opened with a key to collect the coins fallen from the sides.

There is no music or tilt function incorporated in the Coin Pusher 365 and it’s not designed for commercial use. It is possible to use other coins than the ones provided (up to max 26mm).


  • Coin Pusher 365
  • EU Power Cord
  • User Manual (EN/NL/DE/FR/ES/IT)
  • 500 metal coins (23mm)
    Optional: Order extra coins